Weekly stuff roundup: 23rd March, 2018

Welcome to your usual weekly roundup of vaguely interesting stuff that happened in the last week! Enjoy, and let me know if I’ve missed anything out.

Palaeontology stuff

Open Science stuff

  • Congress funds $5 million open textbook grant program in 2018 spending bill – SPARC.
  • A researcher’s perspective on the recent event ‘The turning tide: A new culture of responsible metrics for research’ – HEFCE interview with Prof. Chris Jackson.
  • Whitepaper: Practical challenges for researchers in data sharing – Figshare.
  • Defining success in Open Science – MNI Open Research.
  • Stodden et al: An empirical analysis of journal policy effectiveness for computational reproducibility.
  • New blockchain platform aims to shake up research citations – Times Higher Education.
  • Martin-Martin et al: Evidence of Open Access of scientific publications in Google Scholar: a large-scale analysis.

Jon stuff

  • Happy to  announce the impending launch of the new journal Geoscience Communication. It will be published by the European Geosciences Union (Copernicus), and I’ll be an Executive Editor for it! The journal was founded by Sam Illingworth, a Senior Lecturer in Science Communication at the Manchester Metropolitan University in the UK.
  • I was quoted in this University World News piece on the future of open science in the EU. This news piece was commented on here.
Not holding back there..

Other stuff

  • Ethnic diversity boosts scientific impact – Physics World.
  • Fraser et al: Questionable Research Practices in Ecology and Evolution.
  • Content algorithms shouldn’t be influenced by profit making – Oliver Sauter.