Touchdown in Dallas!

Last week was the biggest, badassest, and scienceyist week of the year, as around 1000 vertebrate palaeontologists took Dallas by storm. The Annual Meeting of the Society of Vertebrate Paleontology showcases the latest research from the global community, and is a chance for us to get together and dance our socks off too (not safe for public consumption). As with every year, it was a suitably awesome affair, with amazing people showing off their fantastic research, and thanks to each and every one of them for a wonderful time!

I presented some of my PhD research on the environmental drivers of crocodyliform evolution, and the poster is up on Figshare here. Apart from spelling John Alroy’s name wrong (jeez..), it seemed to get some good feedback! It’s currently in review, so I hope to be able to show off the final results from that soon. A pdf of all the abstracts presented is freely available here.

SVP this year also was a chance to show off their new social media policy. This followed on from a major discussion last year after the meeting in Berlin. All in all, the social media policy seemed to work! It’s available in the abstract booklet. From what I can see, there were no violations, no abuse, no negative tweets, nothing offensive, and overall I think we got coverage just about right. With three parallel sessions being tweeted every day, we saw almost total coverage of the conference! Which is great for our community science communication efforts, and useful for our colleagues unable to attend. Congrats to everyone involved!

That’s it for now, see y’all next year in Salt Lake City!

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