Other stuff wot I wrote

As I’m sure many of you are aware, this is not the only platform I write on. This is my own personal blog, which explains the perpetually low quality of the ramblings on here. I also write a lot for ScienceOpen, and also the PLOS Paleo Community. The former of these includes a lot of thought about peer review and other aspects of scholarly communication (not just promoting the platform), and the latter more about interesting palaeontological research, most of it published fairly recently.

Here are some of the ones I’ve written recently, which I hope you’ll enjoy!

PLOS Paleo

If there are ever any research articles you’d like me to cover here, just get in touch! I only blog about those which are freely available online as a matter of principle. Also, I tend to stick with vertebrates, as these are what I’m more familiar with, and therefore feel sufficiently qualified to write about.


Most of these ones are less about ScienceOpen itself, and more about the scholarly communication process. Much of this recent thinking about peer review is being developed in a large collaborative project here, which you can watch evolve in real time.

I try and keep a list of all other written science communication related activities here. I also do freelance work for Discover Magazine, among others, and am always happy to be approached for additional work!