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Imagine what would happen if universities established a decentralized network of higher education institutions protecting the legacy of humankind and maintaining the quality of it directly, not via services of monopolistic middlemen.

– The governmental funding could be invested into replication studies and could give jobs to dropout PhD students and postdocs as content curators. This would spare thousands of highly educated people the inconvenience of going through the identity crisis after not getting a single job offer in academia.

– As as side-effect, active involvement in research pipelines would enable libraries to be closer to researchers, maintain well-documented, fully traceable project timelines and professional data management plans. Within such a framework, new research assessment method will have solid touch-points.

– Currently, the outdated manuscript format of communication is flooding the world with indigestible amount of text every single day, to a point that it is hard to distinguish real signal from noise. Scholarly communication could be revolutionized by leveraging new technologies such as machine learning, blockchain and in the future, the virtual reality. New infrastructure could make research more transparent while ensuring immutable attribution of discoveries, data, interpretations, code, or other research outputs.

Source: Science Research: Decentralization and Blockchain – Impakter

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