Response to OpenCon statement

In November 2018, I was formally notified that I was banned from the OpenCon community and events, on the basis of the OpenCon anti-harassment policy as written in the OpenCon Code of Conduct. Since then, I have accepted and respected this decision. The last OpenCon I formally attended as a participant was in November 2016, and the last one I helped to organise was in November 2017.

Given the recent public statement from OpenCon on October 31, 2019, and subsequent discussions on social media, there are some additional things I would like to state. I take this matter with absolute seriousness, hence the delay in providing a formal response.

I apologise for my behaviour at OpenCon. I had apologised previously to those directly involved, and deeply regret the hurt that my actions caused. However, I have not yet made a public apology to the wider community for the continued direct and indirect consequences of my behaviour. I apologise to everyone also indirectly affected by my actions, and all subsequent chain effects.

I respect the decision taken by OpenCon in reaction to my inappropriate public behaviours towards other participants of OpenCon that caused harm and breached the Code of Conduct, and I take full responsibility for these actions. The adherence of OpenCon to their Code of Conduct should be strongly applauded, and I am ashamed that my actions put them in this position. I further respect OpenCon’s decision to keep some information about this decision private and confidential.

I breached the trust of the community, and will dedicate my future to repairing the damage that I caused. I have since attempted to make amends wherever possible, and I will continue to do so. I am trying to help to create more welcoming and supportive spaces in our working environments. This includes, for example, establishing a Code of Conduct for each project I now collaborate on. Personally, this has entailed being much more vigilant of my behaviour and the impact it might have on those around me. I am grateful to the community for helping me to improve my conduct, and I apologise again for my behaviour at OpenCon and the consequences of my actions.

Jon Tennant

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