Submission Guidelines

PaleorXiv is open for submissions!

Please note that these guidelines are subject to change.


  • PaleorXiv accepts all types of manuscript, including but not limited to systematic reviews, hypotheses, ‘negative’ results, and data and methods papers.
  • We publish two major types of article:
    • Preprints of articles in parallel to traditional journal submissions.
    • Previously published articles that you wish to make Open Access.
  • Please check the Journal Policies page for further details on self-archiving options.
  • We encourage submissions from all domains of Paleontology and Paleobiology, including, but not limited to: Vertebrate paleontology; Invertebrate paleontology; Micropaleontology; Paleobotany; Paleoecology; Paleoclimatology; Paleogeography;  Paleoceanography; Paleohistology; Paleobiogegraphy; and Biostratigraphy.
  • We do not accept letters or blog posts, or those which do not pass the normal community standards for submission.
  • Note that preprint publication does not replace publishing with journals, and we recommend authors to use the SHERPA/RoMEO service to check journal preprint policies. A Paleontology-specific and revised version of this database is maintained here.


  • All submissions will go through a basic screening process to check for conformation with these guidelines.
  • Submissions that do not meet these guidelines will be removed, and the authors notified.
  • Please make sure that all co-authors are aware of, and have agreed to, submission. They will be notified upon submission of preprints.
  • Before submitting, it is recommended to add a note to the front page stating “This is a preprint that has been submitted to journal XXX” where applicable. When updating to the postprint or accepted author manuscript, please change to “This is a postprint that has been peer reviewed and accepted at journal XXX.” A template for this is available here.
  • All preprints can be updated with the postprint version or author-accepted manuscript. Please check for journal compliance and embargo periods where needed.


  • Please note that preprints are not formally peer reviewed. When re-using them, and especially when citing, this status should be clearly marked.
  • Please exercise the same care and judgment you would use for any research output when it comes to the re-use of preprints.
  • We strongly encourage community interaction through commenting and sharing of preprints.


  • When submitting taxonomic papers that identify new genera or species, please omit the name and replace with ‘gen et. sp. nov.’, as appropriate.
  • For newly named higher level taxa, recombinations, referrals, synonymisations, and phylogenetic definitions, we strongly advise that these be fully redacted too prior to submission.
  • For manuscripts that include a lot of taxonomic and systematic work, authors are advised to carefully consider the taxonomic implications before publishing.

For more information, please contact us here.