Palaeontology and Open Science roundup: July 23rd, 2018

Welcome to your usual weekly roundup of interesting stuff that happened in the last week! Enjoy, and let me know if I’ve missed anything out. Previous week.

Palaeontology News

  • Xing et al: A mid-Cretaceous embryonic-to-neonate snake in amber from Myanmar.
Baby snake preserved in amber! From Xing et al. (2018)
Baby snake skin! From Xing et al. (2018)
  • Wiersma and Irmis: A new southern Laramidian ankylosaurid, Akainacephalus johnsoni gen. et sp. nov., from the upper Campanian Kaiparowits Formation of southern Utah, USA.

Open Science News

  • Van der See and Reich: Open Education Science.
    • “Transparency and accessibility are functional imperatives that come with many benefits for the individual researcher, scientific community, and society at large—Open Education Science is the way forward.”
  • Open Science by design: Realising a vision for the 21st Century.
  • The complaint about Elsevier and the EU Open Science Monitor hit 1000 signatories!
  • University of British Colombia recognishes openness in its tenure and promotion guidelines.
  • Elsevier cut off access to Swedish and German universities.
  • And more on the Elsevier Open Science Monitor fiasco, this time via the Dutch Magazine FTM.
  • Torres-Salinas et al: Disentangling gold open access.
  • EU Publications: Access to and preservation of scientific information in Europe.
  • Open Access: Toward the Internet of the Mind, by Jean-Claude Guédon. Not new, but worth reading!

Stuff I’ve done

  • Helped out with the new EUREKA ‘blockchain for open science’ White Paper, which was published this week. Check it out!
  • Interviewed for ScienceGuide about the issues around Elsevier and Open Science in the EU.
  • Happy to announce that Code Ocean are now helping to sponsor the Open Science MOOC! Huge thanks to Simon Adar for his kindness and generosity here 🙂

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