Palaeontology and Open Science roundup: August 6th, 2018

Welcome to your usual weekly roundup of interesting stuff that happened in the last week! Enjoy, and let me know if I’ve missed anything out. Previous week.

Palaeontology News

  • Pinheiro et al: Reassessment of the enigmatic crocodyliform “Goniopholispaulistanus Roxo, 1936: Historical approach, systematic, and description by new materials.
  • Bazzi et al: Static Dental Disparity and Morphological Turnover in Sharks across the End-Cretaceous Mass Extinction.
From Bazzi et al. (2018).

Open Science News

  • van Leeuwen et al: Exploring possibilities to use bibliometric data to monitor Gold open access publishing at the national level.
  • Toelch and Ostwald: Digital open science—Teaching digital tools for reproducible and transparent research.
  • Matarese and Shashock: Post-publication peer review in biomedical journals: overcoming obstacles and disincentives to knowledge sharing.
  • SciELO is celebrating 20 years!
  • Beyond #FakeScience: how to overcome shallow certainty in scholarly communication – Lambert Heller.
  • Himmelstein et al: Open collaborative writing with Manubot.
    • “Scientific literature reviews are ideal for open, collaborative writing. Allowing any interested individual to contribute as an author can strengthen a review, providing broad and fair coverage of the subject matter. However, the traditional multi-author writing process breaks down at scale. We present techniques for overcoming the challenges of open manuscript writing. These include approaches for managing distributed authors and our new software, named Manubot, for automating citation and manuscript building.”

Stuff I’ve done

  • Module 5 of the Open Science MOOC got a makeover! Have a look, and feel free to leave comments if anything can be improved.
  • Did you know that the bioinformatics, physics, and maths communities already use publish and review platforms similar to Stack Exchange? Here, peer review is an open, collaborative process, and reputation is something earned as part of a community. How much better does that sound than journals calling the shots? New blog post:

22: A Stack Exchange/Overflow-style model

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