New introductory video for the Open Science MOOC starring Open Source heroes!

Today, I’m super excited to announce a great new video released for the Open Science MOOC! This introductory video is designed to expose the human element behind open source software – something which often comes across in a very technical way.

This video will answer a key question: Why is Open Source Software important for you and your research? To help with this, we have spoken with 6 researchers across the world who use Open Source Software in their daily practices, and can testify to the great impact it can have on their research workflows. Because Open Source is just as much about the people as it is the technology.

A huge thanks to #OpenHeroes Peter Murray-Rust, Heidi Seibold, Konrad Förstner, Anna Kostikova, Ina Smith and Abby Cabunoc Mayes for their contributions here!

This pilot module is all about the importance of open source software in modern research. The module helps to equip us with the relevant knowledge and tools to transform software into something that can be openly accessed and re-used by others. You can learn more and join the community here.

Just as a quick reminder, the MOOC is:
  • Totally free for anyone to participate
  • Based on openly licensed content (which means all of it can be re-used outside the MOOC platform itself too)
  • Certified upon completion
  • Developed completely in the open and volunteer-driven
  • More of a peer-to-peer learning community than a unidirectional ‘course’
  • Not run on the Blockchain
Example of completion certificate

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