New book published: The [R]evolution of Open Science

A nice start to the week, my first self-published book is now available on Amazon – The [R]evolution of Open Science!

Epic cover design courtesy of Elena Frigerio. Kindle version and paperback version.

This book is an evolutionary anthology all of the texts I have written or contributed to in a significant way over the last 9 years on the topic of ‘Open Science’. They are presented in approximate chronological order to show the ‘progress’ of my thinking through time, and also the flow of the discussions around the various threads of Open Science. Hopefully, this text will be a useful reference source for many of the ongoing and future developments in Open Science, which seems to represent a critical point of transformation in the [r]evolution of global higher education systems.

All funds raised from this book will be invested in furthering the mission of creating a healthier global research culture.

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