My open science story

Recently, The Winnower partnered with the ARCS (Advancing Research Communication and Scholarship) to host a competition to showcase the rewards of being open. This was designed to enhance an already overwhelming case for practising open science, by capturing individual success stories. There were many solid entries, and you can find each one published here via The Winnower.

My own entry can be found here too. It highlights some of the major influencing factors during my last few years as a researcher, and my journey towards becoming an open-oriented scientist. As you can see, I don’t really consider it to be a success story, but more following the natural pathway that was exposed to be through the binding together of several different communication channels and experiences. I hope you enjoy reading it, and if you like, leave a short comment or review! I hope it goes on to encourage others to be more open about their research too. Good luck to all the entrants, each one documents an inspiring tail of achievement!

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