Multiple fathers for reintroduced endangered Orinoco crocodiles 

The Orinoco crocodile, Crocodylus intermedius, is one of the most threatened crocodile species in the world. There are now just a few wild populations remaining in Venezuela and Colombia. Excessive hunting until the 1960s and egg collecting for their local consumption decimated their numbers, and now new conservation efforts are aiming to revive their dwindling population numbers. One such effort involved the reintroduction of one population by an international team of researchers led by Natalia Rossi Lafferriere from Columbia University, and can be found at the La Ramera lagoon at the El Frío Biological Station, Venezuela. I can’t imagine a better job than rearing endangered crocodile eggs for the purpose of reintroducing them into the wild when they were ready! Location of the El Frío Biological Station (EFBS), and three additional localities where last remaining populations of Crocodylus intermedius are found in Venezuela. (Lafferriere et al., 2016) But how do you work out if

Source: Multiple fathers for reintroduced endangered Orinoco crocodiles | PLOS Paleo Community