Mega-raptors were top predators in Thailand 100 million years ago | PLOS Paleo Community

If you go to an average Thai island today, you find a very different “predator” to what existed 100 million years ago during the Cretaceous period. Instead of your average-IQ’d Australian male ‘gap yah’ backpacker, back in the age of dinosaurs there existed a group of ferocious carnivores called megaraptorans. Source: Mega-raptors were top predators […]

Plan S and the Open Science Community

Plan S is about Open Access. But Open Science is so much more and includes other aspects, like Open Data, Open Source, Open Standards. But like Publications have hijacked knowledge dissemination (think research assessment), we risk that Open Access is hijacking the Open Science ambition. If you find Open Science more important than Open Access, […]

Science Research: Decentralization and Blockchain – Impakter

Another great post by Dr. Aleksandra Sokolowska. Excerpt: Imagine what would happen if universities established a decentralized network of higher education institutions protecting the legacy of humankind and maintaining the quality of it directly, not via services of monopolistic middlemen. – The governmental funding could be invested into replication studies and could give jobs to […]