An early career researcher’s view on modern and open scholarship – Laurent Gatto

Abstract: If research is the by-product of researchers getting promoted (a quote byDavid Barron, Professor of Computer Science, Prof. Leslie Carr, personal communication), then shouldn’t we, early career researchers (ECRs), focus on promotion and being docile academic citizens rather than aiming for the more noble cause of pursuing research to understand the world that surrounds us, and disseminate […]

It's beyond time we ditched the impact factor

This originally appeared at: http://blogs.egu.eu/palaeoblog/?p=1162 “I am sick of impact factors and so is science.” Stephen Curry said it best back in 2012. The impact factor is just one of the many banes of academia, from it’s complete misuse to being falsely inflated by publishers. I want to draw attention to a new article  that addresses […]