Reflections on Plan S

Note: A shorter, edited version of this was published in parallel on the LSE Impact Blog. No one disagrees with the idea that freeing up scientific knowledge to the public is a good thing for society. Around 25 years ago, this principle crystallised around the term Open Access (OA), and the birth of the modern, […]

Comments for Times Higher Education: University of California break with Elsevier tipped to boost ‘global revolt’

Times Higher Education just published an article about the latest in the ongoing ‘Elsevier versus everyone else’ saga. It contains a quote from me, so I decided to post my full unedited response to Ellie, the writer, here for full transparency (with permission). Her questions are in italics, and my responses in normal text. How […]

New study: Preprints in Scholarly Communication: Re-Imagining Metrics and Infrastructures

A paper that I helped to peer review is now published, and should be of interest. Here’s the abstract: Digital scholarship and electronic publishing among the scholarly communities are changing when metrics and open infrastructures take centre stage for measuring research impact. In scholarly communication, the growth of preprint repositories over the last three decades […]