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Science is for everyone, not just a privileged “elite”

This is a list of all articles and activities relating in some way to supporting ‘Open Science’ – doing science right. To get in touch about any of this, you can email me. All personal content here is completely re-usable without restriction, although it would be nice if you mentioned me as a source where needed.

Talking in Slovenia at the Department of Education

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With Asst. Prof. Dr. Ratassit and Lisa Matthias at Chiang Mai University



Other media appearances

  • ‘You never said my peer review was confidential’ – scientist challenges publisher – Nature News
  • High rejection rates by journals ‘pointless’ – Times Higher Education
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  • Openness doesn’t compromise your career, it builds it! – F1000
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  • Tweeting for RealScientists during Open Science Week 2017 – RealScientists
  • Publishers go after networking site for illicit sharing of journal papers – Science Magazine
  • Publishers take ResearchGate to court, alleging massive copyright infringement – Science Magazine