Palaeontology and Open Science roundup: August, 2018

Welcome to your usual roundup of interesting stuff that happened in the last month from the worlds of Open Science and Palaeontology! Enjoy, and let me know if I’ve missed anything out. Previous time.

Palaeontology News

  • Brownstein: The distinctive theropod assemblage of the Ellisdale site of New Jersey and its implications for North American dinosaur ecology and evolution during the Cretaceous.
  • Pérez-Ben et al: Morphological evolution of the skull roof in extinct temnospondyl amphibians mirrors conservative ontogenetic patterns.
  • Klompmaker et al: Crustaceans in cold seep ecosystems: fossil record, geographic distribution, taxonomic composition, and biology.
  • Xu et al: Two Early Cretaceous Fossils Document Transitional Stages in Alvarezsaurian Dinosaur Evolution.
Xu et al

Open Science News

  • Elsevier, la editorial contra la difusión del conocimiento científico [Elsevier, the publisher against the diffusion of scientific knowledge] – Antonio Hartley and Carla Alvial.
  • Serbia have adopted a new national Open Science policy.
  • Arcadia are now supporting the OA Button!
  • Scaling up paywalled academic article sharing by legal means – Maria Ritola.
  • The world of open science, visualisations by Mark Hooper.
By Mark Hooper. Check the link for an interactive version!

Stuff I’ve done