A more useful infographic about free, legal easy Open Access

The other day, I wrote a post about how to make your past, present, and future research all Open Access for free in a way that is legal and compliant with publisher policies.

After a quick chat with some colleagues, I’ve tried to update the infographic to make it a bit more user friendly and informative. What do you all think?

Note below that ‘post-prints’ are also some times called ‘Author Accepted Manuscripts’ (AAMs).

Made by me, CC BY

I hope this is useful to you, and encourages you to self-archive your research. Some publishers still retain copyright over the post- and pre-print versions of your work if you as part of the traditional publishing process, and is worth looking into in advance of journal submission.

To reiterate the final points from the previous post..

If we self-archive as a research community en masse, several things could be achieved.

  1. Global Open Access to the research literature will become a reality for a very low cost;

  2. Subscriptions to publishers for our own content will be largely redundant as everything will be OA already;

  3. We create the basis for building tools, like Unpaywall, that can leverage the power of massive-scale access;

  4. We save $billions every year from university libraries that can be reinvested into students and open scholarly infrastructure;

  5. We make the need for quasi-legal entities like SciHub and ResearchGate to become redundant.